Show Notes: Breaking Up with People Pleasing

Show Notes: Breaking Up with People Pleasing

 Episode 3 SHOW NOTES

Breaking Up with People Pleasing

In this episode of "Hustle Culture Dropout," I dive deep into the intricate web of people pleasing, a behavior that often leaves us neglecting our own well-being in pursuit of making others happy.

Understanding People Pleasing:

I start by defining people pleasing as the act of continuously prioritizing others' happiness over our own, a behavior that often goes back to childhood. We learn from an early age that fitting in and being liked is easily achieved by accommodating others, setting the stage for this habitual tendency.

Identifying People Pleasing Habits:

Throughout the episode, I highlight common people pleasing behaviors that many of us can relate to. These include agreeing with others to avoid conflict, hesitating to say no when we genuinely want to, and constantly doubting ourselves due to the fear of judgment. discuss the significance of self-awareness in recognizing and acknowledging these patterns.

Setting Healthy Boundaries:

I talk about the importance of establishing clear, non-negotiable boundaries to safeguard our time, energy, and emotional resources. We need to start with manageable boundaries, making them easy to maintain, and firmly holding onto them.

Learning to Say No Gracefully:

Saying no can be challenging, especially when we want to avoid disappointing others. I provide some simple strategies for gracefully declining requests or invitations without guilt, including being honest about our current capacity, using "I" statements to explain the situation, and expressing gratitude for being considered before kindly declining.All of these options give us the opportunity to maintain control of the situation without looking like a total jerk. 

Empowerment and Self-Care:

I close out the episode encouraging you to reclaim your power to choose and protect your time and energy. Breaking free from the cycle of people pleasing is a journey and a habit that can be changed with some work and self-awareness.


I close out the episode by challenging you to take at least one actionable step towards breaking free from people pleasing. I encourage you to share your struggles and success during the process by connecting with me on socials. And don't forget to subscribe and leave a 5 star review! 

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