Show Notes: Juggling Motherhood, Entrepreneurship and Self Care with Kerrie Fitzgerald

Show Notes: Juggling Motherhood, Entrepreneurship and Self Care with Kerrie Fitzgerald

Episode 11 Show Notes:

Juggling Motherhood, Entrepreneurship and Self Care with Kerrie Fitzgerald

Always wondered what it was like to run with bears? Ok, not literally, but Kerrie Fitzgerald is here this week to dish on all things adventure and how she made time in her ridiculously busy schedule as a mom, wife, author, podcast host and entrepreneur to schedule a once in a lifetime adventure where she headed out to watch brown bears in the wild. Kerrie shares the importance of making time to explore your passions and why she's been able to make it happen even in her schedule. Listen as we chat about being multi-passionate entrepreneurs and what it looks like to not only invest in yourself but believe in yourself enough to go after your biggest dreams! 

Kerrie’s Bio:

Kerrie Fitzgerald is the founder of Kerrie Fitzgerald LLC, an ecommerce and product business consulting and educational agency. She also hosts the marketing podcast 'The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast' and is the author of book 'Customer Obsession.'"

As a digital marketing expert, Kerrie helps e-commerce businesses create “wildly in demand” brands that their customers are obsessed with. Her unique framework stems in organic marketing that brings in consistent sales and traffic without focusing a dime on ads.

After starting her first high-end pet e-commerce business, The Dapper Dog Box in 2016, she grew the business to multi 6 figures of revenue in two years without funding, staff or support and successfully sold the business in 2019. 

She is a proud boy & dog mom, hot sauce and coffee lover and is an east coast transplant living in Seattle.

Crazy Is Her Job:

We start off the episode with an introduction to Kerrie. She’s an author, a podcast host, a mom, wife along with many other titles or as Kerrie would like to call it, crazy. She has many different passions and we are going to dive into them into today’s episode. 

How Her Book Came About:

New Years Eve 3 years ago was the day the idea sparked and she mapped out the outline of the book. Then it sat for a couple months and then she went full force into writing. It felt like the right thing and the right time so she committed 100%.

How To Get Started On Executing A New Idea:

For Kerrie the first thing is knowing “it’s an idea worth getting into”. She asks herself “is this the right thing for me and am I excited?” if so, it’s a great idea. She puts all of her ideas, brain dumps and mapping of new ideas in a google folder to access at anytime and this allows her to keep all of her ideas in the same place. 


Kerrie's intuition was something she has had to develop over time. It took some trusted friends to help push her in the right direction and help her realize that the corporate world was not for her. She wanted to be her own boss and make her own rules. Trusting her gut and taking the leap of faith is what lead her to be the business woman she is today.


Kerrie talks us through her spontaneous bear trip in Alaska to study abroad in London and living in Australia.These independent experiences have inspired her and her work today. Finding time to travel is important to her life outside of business. "I don't know if you're scared of something, do it anyway."


We finish out the episode chatting about her new project in the works as well as share her book and podcast.

Kerrie's Info:

Founder- Kerrie Fitzgerald LLC 

6 Figure Product Business Podcast

Youtube Channel 

Customer Obsession Book

 My Info:



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