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Show Notes: Overcoming The Gender Confidence Gap

Episode 5 Show Notes:

Overcoming The Gender Confidence Gap

In this eye-opening episode of 'Hustle Culture Dropout I'm exposing the ugly and intriguing world of the Gender Confidence Gap. I'll uncover the reasons behind this phenomenon, backed by the latest research and real-life examples. Discover practical and relatable steps to boost your confidence, celebrate your wins, seek the right support, and get yourself a bad ass mentor. You'll leave this episode armed with the knowledge and motivation to bridge the gap and unleash your full potential in work and life.

Swifty Inspiration: 

Before I get into what the gender confidence gap is, I share with all of you the inspiration for this episode, which is the lady on everyone's mind, Taylor Swift. She is a brilliant writer and yet that is often overshadowed with her boy drama. Why is it that men being in her life give her notice and not her abilities? This is the driving force for this episode. 

Gender Confidence Gap:

It's this phenomenon where women tend to underestimate their abilities and their qualifications and shocker, men tend to overestimate their abilities and qualifications. This happens despite being equally, or even sometimes more, competent. Women often doubt themselves and their capabilities.

Hewlett Packard Study:

For example, there was a study that was conducted by Hewlett Packard and it found that women only applied for jobs if they met 100 percent of the qualifications and criteria. And then men actually applied for jobs if they only met 60 percent of the qualifications.They are confident in their abilities and for some reason women are like, nope, I have to meet 100 percent of these qualifications before I will even think about going after this.

How To Start Closing The Gap:

The first thing that we need to do is we need to start acknowledging our achievements. We downplay our accomplishments all of the time. We think they're not significant enough. So you need to take the time to list your achievements: big, small, medium, whatever it is. And you need to recognize that you have to overcome challenges in order to succeed. 

Embrace Your Mistakes:

Another way for you to start leveling up your confidence is to start embracing growth and learning opportunities. Sometimes we lack the confidence because we are afraid to fail or make mistakes. We need to start understanding that making mistakes is part of learning and it's part of growing and by embracing all of the new challenges and seeing them as opportunities to learn, we can start to boost our confidence.

Seek Support:

This sort of goes back to what we talked about last week in episode four and finding your tribe and having a circle of people that really believe in you, but it takes that a little step further. You can't be afraid to reach out for support, whether it's from mentors or from friends or from professional resources, surround yourself with a network of people who understand and who believe in you and your abilities.


So as we go forward into the rest of this week, I want you to think about how you can actively start closing that confidence gap. Remember that you are capable, you are deserving, you are enough.



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