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Show Notes: From Sh*t Show to Inner Glow: How I Blew Up My Life

Episode 6 Show Notes:

From Sh*t Show to Inner Glow

In this episode of Hustle Culture Dropout, I'm sharing the shiz on how I friggin' blew up my life and burned down the chaos that was suffocating me. From scented candles to a sh*t ton of therapy, I took back control of my life. You'll learn how I found my way back to joy and self-discovery in the most unexpected place and how the smallest step has led me right here, to my biggest dreams. So, grab a drink, put on some jazz, and listen in as we flip the script on societal roles, toast to life's little pleasures, and rediscover what makes us unique, relatable, and totally f*cking unstoppable. 

My Arizona Trip:

I begin the episode, by letting you guys in to my trip last week in Scottsdale, AZ. I spent it with some of my biz besties to sorta hash out the rest of Q4 but also to work through what we want 2024 to look like. While I was there in AZ I started thinking about how far I’ve come. To see what I have done in just 18 months, is literally such a far cry from where I was 10 years ago. 

My Story:

Ten years ago, I was in the midst of a profound life transformation. I went from being a married, stay-at-home mom to facing divorce with shared custody, and working a full-time job that paid just $13 an hour. But more importantly I went from my whole world being my kids, to realizing I was alone and lost.

Losing Myself in My Role as a Mother:

I had lived so many years supporting other people’s dreams, raising the kids and giving them the best life I could, it ultimately led me to a path where I was just a shell of myself post divorce. My world was my children's world. The problem with this method of motherhood is that it is not sustainable. 

Choosing Me:

At the core of this transitional turmoil in my life was the beginning of my journey to choose myself and the realization that I was in control of my feelings, actions, and path in life. I was in charge of my happiness and success.This transformation didn't happen overnight. It took a lot of baby steps, but those little steps led me here.

The Bath and Body Works Trip that Started It All:

It all started with one tiny decision, one that would change everything: a trip to Bath & Body Works with a BOGO coupon in hand. I got home, lit those candles, started cooking a meal for myself. So with some jazz music playing in the background I ate that damn meal. Alone. Nine years later, in April of 2022, I launched Noura Blanc, my own line of non-toxic, refillable candles. My idea to create a more sustainable candle line literally came to life because of a routine I had created and never let go of. 

Taking Time For You:

I knew when I launched my candle line that I wanted to create a sustainable candle line, yes. But what I wanted more was to encourage women to find their joy, to reconnect with themselves, to rediscover themselves, and to start prioritizing themselves so they could create a life full of moments where they felt alive outside of their societal roles.


That little baby step I took, when I finally took back control of my life and chose me, it led me all the way here, talking to all of you, on this podcast, on my blog, on socials every day and it will lead me into 2024 where all sorts of magic will happen! So think about what little baby step you might be able to do today to move towards that. If you feel like you’ve lost yourself, let’s connect.



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