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Show Notes: Rediscovering You: An Introduction to Hustle Culture Dropout

Episode 1: SHOW NOTES


 Introduction to the Podcast

Hey there, wonderful souls! Welcome to the very first episode of Hustle Culture Dropoutl First and foremost, a huge thank you for joining me on this exciting journey. I'm super excited you're here, and I want to apologize right off the bat for any mishaps that might occur along the way. Full disclosure: I'm diving into this podcast without a clue and scared sh*tless, but I'm a firm believer in doing sh*t scared, right?

Now, let me give you a bit of backstory. I've played with the idea of having a podcast for what feels like an eternity, but I couldn't quite pinpoint anything that felt right to me. I'd brainstormed ideas and contemplated various cool themes, but none of them truly resonated with me. Then, this year, I took a bold step—I hired a business coach and embarked on a transformative business retreat.

Discovering My Why

This retreat wasn't just about business; it was about finding your "why." What truly lights you up? What brings you joy? As I shared my story with a group of incredible women during one of those retreat days, and we fleshed out the idea of the podcast. My journey and experiences had led me here, to this podcast. It was my opportunity to connect with people, share stories, and build a community, all around a topic I'm passionate about.

Who Am I, Really?

Before I delve into the nitty-gritty of my personal journey, I need to set the stage. I am not a therapist, or a life coach, or have any credentials other than L.I.F.E. No, I'm just like that friend you'd have a heart-to-heart with over a glass of wine on a cozy Wednesday night. I've worn many hats throughout life—mom, wife, entrepreneur, and more. I've navigated through the ups and downs of motherhood, relationships, and building a business. I've seen it all, and I'm here to share my experiences and insights.

What to Expect from Hustle Culture Dropout

Let's cut to the chase. This podcast isn't about having all the answers or pretending to have it all together. It's about embracing authenticity and tackling topics that matter, from burnout and self-care to entrepreneurship and wellness. I'm not here to sugarcoat things; I'm here for real, unfiltered conversations.

A Few Things You Can Anticipate:

- Candid discussions on life's chaos and how to find clarity.

- Encouragement to prioritize self-care without the guilt.

- A mix of solo episodes and inspiring guest interviews.

- A dose of pop culture and celebrity gossip alongside meaningful conversations.

A Journey from Chaos to Clarity

Now, let's dive into my personal story. I've experienced two distinct encounters with the toxic effects of hustle culture in my life. The first was during my first marriage when I was a stay-at-home mom. I felt immense pressure to be the perfect mom, dedicating everything to my kids. I put their needs before my own and, in the process, lost sight of who I was.

The second encounter came during a hectic period of juggling a business, family, and social commitments. I could feel myself spiraling into burnout once again. It was clear that I needed to hit the brakes and prioritize my well-being. The hustle culture had to go.

Reconnecting Through Simple Rituals

During my initial struggle as a stay-at-home mom, I stumbled upon a small but transformative ritual: lighting a candle, cooking a meal, sipping wine, and listening to jazz music. It became my sanctuary, a way to reconnect with myself and rediscover the joy of spending time alone. Slowly, I began to appreciate the beauty of solitude and self-care.

The Turning Point

The second burnout experience prompted me to reevaluate my life. I had to prioritize self-care, mental health, and well-being. The hustle culture was a trap, and I decided to drop out. My journey had led me to this realization, and it was a turning point.

What Lies Ahead

Hustle Culture Dropout is more than just a podcast; it's a movement. It's about dismantling the myth that our worth is solely tied to our productivity. It's a journey towards rediscovering ourselves, finding balance, and prioritizing self-care. Together, we'll explore the path from chaos to clarity.

Join Me on This Adventure

I'm excited about the path ahead and the potential for personal growth and positive change. I'd love for you to subscribe to the pod, share it with friends, and connect with me on social media at @chasitycampbellco.

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Thanks so much for being part of this incredible journey! I can't wait to see where it takes us! 

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