Say My Name. Say My Name.

Say My Name. Say My Name.

Noura - Light; Bright; Enlightened. Noura is a feminine name of Aramaic and Arabic origin meaning “light”, “bright” or “enlightened”. This radiant name is known to be a variant of the gender-neutral name Nur and the feminine names Nura and Noora.

Blanc - meaning White - Blanc or le Blanc is a surname of French origin.⁠

People ALWAYS ask me the meaning of Noura Blanc, and the significance to me. ⁠There is no significance of the name to me, before the creation of Noura Blanc as you know it.⁠ ⁠I'm a lover of words. Like, I nerd out on them. I'm the girl who used to have one of those old school "Word of the Day" calendars, like the giant square block ones where you tear the page off each day. Then I moved onto a techier form of that with an app for a while. It's a true love affair. and naming our candles is something I take seriously! You'll never find a candle in our line named "Pumpkin Spice" or "Marshmallow Dreams". I want our candle names to make you FEEL something, make you curious and make you want to create an experience.

I keep a running list of words that I like in a spreadsheet that I'm drawn to for whatever reason. I play around with combos and I sit with them for a while until something stands out and feels right. That's how I came up with Noura Blanc and it's how I come up with most of the names for our candles. Every candle has a story and a meaning behind the name. It's one of my favorite parts of creating.

I decided to share a little BTS of how my magical little brain works when coming up with a few of my favorite candle names from our line, both past and present. 

Saint Waldorf (Essentials Collection) - Saint Waldorf is one of our OG candle scents and she and Palo Santo like to battle it out for the top spot on our best sellers list. Saint Waldorf transcends tradition with an artisanal combination of ginger, mandarin, sage and avocado. She's like waking up in a swanky hotel that you'll never want to leave. Only the most discerning of us will appreciate her sophistication and complexity making her an icon of luxury and taste. If you take her home, you’re dying to be noticed…and trust us……you will be. ⁠Naming her was honestly, a breeze. She's a bougie little bi*ch so it only seemed fitting to combine two of the most luxurious hotels, the Waldorf Astoria and the St. Regis

Stetson (2022 Fall Collection) - Your mind will clear, your muscles will relax and you'll melt into an autumn evening, curled up in front of a cabin fire, drink in your hand. Let the warmth soothe you and settle into your belly and exhale the day. Stetson is your favorite Dutton guy. John? Kayce? Rip? ( def not Jamie). Strong and sexy and exactly how you want to end your day. The Modern day Marlboro Man - minus the nicotine and lung cancer. Yup. Stetson was inspired by the classic, modern day cowboy and those sexy hats.  

Nova (2023 Spring Collection) - Sweet, wild child, get ready for an adventure! This unique bohemian style fragrance features all the cozy vibes for a free-spirited journey. Desert air, star gazing, and some serious wild child feels, leading you to some soul stirring freedom! Nova was named after the phenomenon of an exploding star that burns brighter than normal before returning to it's original state. Naming Nova came from the note scents of dry pampas grass, spiced patchouli and musk which reminded me of a free spirited Coachella or desert vibe. Fitting because I shared Nova with my biz besties in Palm Springs. 

Valensole (2023 Spring Collection) - Add some Zen to your days with the delicate floral notes of Valensole, and create an atmosphere that’s light, airy, and relaxing! Stroll through the calming fields of Valensole, France with this simple and classic scent. This candle is made up of three different types of lavender and coconut water which immediately made me think of a French spa overlooking the lavender fields. Valensole was named after a provincial town in France that sits on top of a field overlooking the lavender fields. 

Toracco (2023 Spring Collection) - Experience the Italian countryside in spring with the exotic scents of Toracco. A zesty blend of citrus, fresh spring scents, tropical Amazon rainforest notes, and acai berries, rounded off with a hit of blood orange from the Mediterranean region of Italy. Toracco is a type of blood orange found abundantly in a beautiful region of Italy. 

Sobremesa (2022 Fall Collection) - One of our most popular and loved fall scents, Sobremesa, smells like a robust, delicious cup of craft coffee with it's notes of morning brew, coconut cream and pralines. Sobremesa is the Spanish tradition at the end of a bountiful meal often enjoyed by sipping coffee or wine. It is a time of relaxation and is full of contentment and continued conversation with those who you've shared your meal with. A time to share life stories, connect and appreciate the abundance of life with the simple pleasure of togetherness. It is not rushed, but is fluid and easy and is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. ⁠

Elenora Holiday (2022 Holiday Collection) - Notes of juniper, gin and balsam made up one of our best selling transitional winter scents. The notes of gin were reminiscent of late nights tucked away in the quite corner of a local jazz club listening to my favorite jazz music so this beauty was named for jazz great, Billie Holiday, given name, Eleanora. 

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