Show Notes: If You're Going to Have a Holiday Hangover it Shouldn't Be from Hustle Culture

Show Notes: If You're Going to Have a Holiday Hangover it Shouldn't Be from Hustle Culture

Episode 8 Show Notes:

Hustle Culture Hangover: How to Avoid Burnout During the Holidays

Listen up, party people! This is an episode you don't want to miss! Burnout, hustle culture, and the endless need to produce got us like 'meh. Join me as I take you through what burnout feels like, how to recognize it and more importantly how to prevent it. Holiday time will break you! Don't head into the season unprepared!

Holiday Burnout:

The holidays always feel like they run up behind us and we can never catch a break. Not only are you dealing with the exhaustion of daily life but now you have to add the stress of the holidays on top. What we're going to talk about today is what if there was a way to actually break free from the cycle of burnout and reclaim our well being, our self care, our freaking sanity. And so we're going to explore the symptoms of burnout.

What is Burnout?:

It's typically tied to the workplace, but burnout can actually come to basically anybody. Mom burnout is very, very common. Traditional definition of burnout is that it's that chronic stress that has not been successfully managed. It literally is like an emotional and a physical and a mental hangover from constantly, constantly pushing yourself beyond your limits.

What Burnout Looks Like:

From juggling multiple different roles whether that’s mother, friend, partner etc. or struggling with the multiple demands of life, there are a lot of reasons to feel burnt out. This is only exasperated during the holidays. Now you're also expected to do crafts and create the magic of the holidays, whatever that is. All of that extra emotional labor starts to pile on during the holidays and pairing that with the unrealistic expectations of what the holidays mean and how we want them to be perfect.

Hustle Culture is a Lie:

It is a myth that we have to constantly strive and sacrifice in order to be worthy. Our worth is not determined by our productivity or our achievements or the accolades we get for those achievements.

How Do We Recognize Burnout?:

Before it starts to take over our lives, there are some common things to watch out for. You may feel exhausted, resentful, irritable, indifferent. You may start isolating yourself or maybe you have major headaches. Difficulty concentrating can be a big one as well. You need to start to pay attention to how you feel. Jot down how you feel in your notes app so you can keep track of how you feel when you feel it. 

How to Prevent Burnout- Step 1:

Setting healthy boundaries, learning to say no to additional commitments. This is super important. During this time of year, because you are going to get invited to everything, and participate in many activities. Use this time to practice saying no to things.

How to Prevent Burnout- Step 2:

The second thing I want you to think about is to start to incorporate some mindfulness practices like yoga or meditation into your routine. Just take a minute to pause. It doesn't have to be anything special. Just find even 5 minutes for just you.

How to Prevent Burnout- Step 3:

And then the third thing to do to help prevent burnout is to prioritize your self care. Having a nighttime routine or taking a yoga class can be examples of this.

How to Prevent Burnout- Step 4:

Another good tip is to delegate tasks whenever possible. Remember it is ok to ask for help. You can’t do everything yourself and a lot of the time these people want to help us. 

How to Prevent Burnout- Step 5:

You also need to think about taking regular breaks throughout the day. If you are an 8 hour work shift person, get up and move around and take a few minutes away from whatever it is that you need to be working on at work. 

How to Incorporate These Into This Holiday Season:

Make sure that especially during this time of year, this is not the time to completely revamp your website. That is something that is very tedious and requires a lot of mental thought. So don't bring on big giant tasks like that right now. Give yourself grace, give people around you grace, and just remember to be super, super mindful of how you're feeling.  


If you aren't following me on socials, I am going to be having a ton of tips about burnout that I'm going to be sharing on those platforms as well. Find somebody else to connect with. You can literally be like, I don't freaking want to go get these stupid family pictures and these matching outfits for these dumb cards that nobody is going to pay attention to. And if you need someone like that, feel free to reach out to me!





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