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Show Notes: Progress over Perfection: How to Build Sustainable Habits while Overcoming Perfectionism with Morgan Jackson


Episode 9 Show Notes:

Progress over Perfection: How to Build Sustainable Habits while Overcoming Perfectionism with Morgan Jackson

Join me this week as I chat with my incredible guest, Morgan Jackson, Founder of the Light 56 program. Morgan talks to us this week about the importance of reframing perfectionism and allowing ourselves the space and grace to build sustainable habits in order to work towards progress instead of perfection. Morgan not only explains her genius program, Light 56, but dives into how we can approach the holidays with a ease instead of hustle and how we can Join Morgan and other Hustle Dropout listeners for a 5-6 day challenge and Light 56 accountability program starting in the new year.

Morgan Jackson Introduction:

Morgan Jackson is the founder of the Light 56 program. Morgan is super passionate about empowering women to make time for themselves and feel lighter in their life. And she is dedicated to helping them get out of the overwhelm and the darkness to embrace life with lightness and joy, and to help you figure out what you enjoy and how to make time for it.

The Start of Light 56:

At the height of the pandemic she realized that a lot of women in her life were struggling. She wanted to give them a community so out of this came Light 56. The title light 56 comes from 56 days, which is eight weeks which is two moon cycles. "And I feel, especially as women, it's really interesting to look at our lives as cycles versus kind of that masculine, you know, other numbers and looking at specific days and having to do everything perfectly."

Her Inspiration:

In school she was driven by being held accountable by her teachers or coaches. She loved getting reports back so she always had a goal to reach and something to work towards. But once she left school and her main focus was a mom there weren't these "progress reports". She wanted to share a way to feel like you were working towards a goal even if you didn't have the aspect of work or school in your life. 

"Dirty Laundry List":

"So one of the first exercises we always do is what I call the dirty laundry list. So it's not a regular to do list. It's that to do list that is all of the stuff that honestly, you don't even want to say out loud that you haven't done."

The ABCs of Light 56:

A: "So it is there's basically three things that you do during that 56 days. So A is an anchor, which this is something that you want to set yourself up as building a habit successfully. So this is something I like to say, if you've done something before where, you know, I used to be really consistent at." For example exercising every day. 

B: "B is your bright light. So this is something that you know, if you did for 56 days, some part of your life would feel lighter. And I like to kind of break that into like your mind, your body, your home and your calendar calendar."

C: "And then C is a challenge. And I love to say that the perfect amount of time to do a 30 day challenge is 56 days. So give yourself eight weeks. That's my kind of challenge, right? At the end of 56 days, you will feel so much more accomplished that you have done that, then if you start a 30 day challenge, you do it for five days and then you don't do it, right?"


Remember, we are looking for progress over perfection. Giving yourself the grace to fail, facing it, and then starting again are more important than "doing it perfect". Make sure you're giving yourself the space you need to form the habits that will sustain you and fill you up!

You can also find Morgan on: Instagram @lightfiftysix 


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