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Show Notes: Social Self Care: The Power of Connection and How it Can Boost Your Emotional and Mental Health


Episode 4 Show Notes:

Social Self Care: The Power of Connection and How It Can Boost Your Emotional and Mental Health

In this episode, I dive into the importance of spending quality time with your friends and discover why connecting with your besties is like the magic little pill for your emotional and mental well-being. Explore the science-backed benefits of strong social connections and how they can reduce stress, loneliness, and depression.

What is Self Care?:

I start the episode by breaking down what self care actually means. It is more than mani pedis and spa days. I researched and realized there are actually 7 pillars of self care but in this episode we are going to focus on the pillar, social self care. Social self care is all about connecting with the people who lift you up.

What Social Self Care Looks Like For Me:

To give context to what social self care looks like, I give you a little insight into my social self care. I talk about some recent and upcoming vacations and how in doing these trips and surrounding myself with my besties or family my stress level drops and it makes life a little more bearable.

 Creating Friends from Who You Are Surrounded By:

I go through my experiences of making friends as an adult and how a lot of them were parents of children involved in activities with my kids. I found the courage to connect and start conversations. Start building those relationships with some of these people.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage:

While social media can literally be the devil's spawn, it can also grant us the luxury of connecting with people all over the world that have common interests or that are maybe in the same season of life that we're in, or maybe they're working towards the same goals that we're working with. Finding a group that is interested in the same thing as you gets the ball rolling on what could end up being a great friendship

Releasing Guilt When It Comes to Social Self Care:

We get a ton of guilt that comes along with carving out time for ourselves. I know we have all heard the cliche saying that, you know, in order to be a better me, I need to take this time away and I need to invest in myself. It's cliche for a reason guys, because it's the truth. It's not a luxury, it is necessary to your well-being.

Social Self Care Is A Necessity for Healthy, Happy Life:

I close out this episode by making sure you know your social self care is a priority. Make sure you're staying connected with the people who get you, you are going to benefit from that so much. And it's not just going to be you that benefits from it.


This week's challenge is to schedule some quality time with your friends, or your family, or the people that make you feel the happiest. If your best friends are out of state. Set up a time to FaceTime with them. If you have an extra day of vacation that you've been hanging on to for just the right, perfect thing to do, take the vacation day. Don't even make a plan. You don't have to go anywhere. Take the vacation day and invite your friend over to hang out with you. Just find the time, and make it happen!



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