The Easy and the Hard of Becoming a More Conscious Consumer

The Easy and the Hard of Becoming a More Conscious Consumer

Are you wondering what it means to be a conscious consumer? Yes? I'm going to share a few tips on how to become more aware of the products and companies you are supporting and how to ease yourself into becoming a more conscious consumer and what that really means. 


Being a conscious consumer is about being aware and educated on where you spend your money, the products you spend your money on, and the companies you choose to support. Does it take a little effort? Yes. Is it worth it? Also, yes. 

If you want to be aware of how products are made, how they affect the environment and the people who make them, you'll want to take a minute to do the research and the work involved. The obvious first place to look is on the companies website. If they have a blog, read the blog. Look at their social media accounts. Most companies that are sustainable and practicing ethical production will definitely share that with the public.


Doing  your research gives you an opportunity to take back your power as a consumer and once you do, other brands will take notice, resulting in the ripple affect that will ultimately benefit the bigger picture. But it all starts with you. Cliché, yes, but cliché's are true for a reason.


Once you start spending your hard earned dollars and investing in businesses that are more environmentally aware, offer fair wages to their workers, source their supplies and products ethically, have sustainability practices in place, and value the consumers that support them, other brands will realize THIS is the standard they need to rise to. If they want the business, they'll make the difference.


So, how do you do this?  Check out a few of the ways you can become a more eco conscious consumer. Don't try to do everything at once. Choose one or two and build from there. Allow yourself grace and don't over complicate it. If it doesn't work for you or your lifestyle, you aren't going to stick to it. It's not going to be a sustainable way for you to live and it will become the exact opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. As with anything, it's going to take time. But that's what we are all about here. Slow. Intentional. Living. Small. Steps. Better. Choices. 


The Easy and the Hard of Becoming a More Conscious Consumer
  • Only Buy What You Need and What You Love

         This is one of the most important first steps in transforming yourself into               more conscious consumer, but it's not necessarily an easy one. The                     products you decide to bring into your space should be items you would be
         devastated to lose. Obviously, if your house is on fire you're saving your 
         kids and your pets, but what items would truly make you consider running
         back into your burning house to save? Those are the items you want to 
         invest in. Those are the items you want to bring home.

  • Thrift, Beg & Borrow

    Thrifting and shopping secondhand is a great way to reduce waste and
    keep items out of landfills. Plus, there is something about saving an 
    item from being discarded and giving it new life. I love to shop for furniture
    secondhand and always check places like Facebook Marketplace before making a furniture purchase from the store. It is often easy to 
    revive something to make it suitable for your home and I love thinking about the stories pieces might have. Where they have been. Who has loved them. Consignment and thrift stores make it easy to save waste and money. 
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  • Don't Fall for Fast Fashion

         This one can be really tough. I am a maven for fast fashion. I don't 
         love shopping for clothes and I really don't like spending a lot of money
         on clothes. I have to work hard on this mind shift, but being an ethical 
         consumer sometimes takes some work. Products that are cheap
         are, more often than not, made in unethical work conditions and are not
         quality pieces. Taking the time to save for investment pieces is less 
         expensive in the long term since those high quality pieces will last longer,             and, when you're looking at a hefty price tag, you are more likely to 
         think longer about your purchase and evaluate your true need for it. 


Eco Conscious Consumer Craftmanship Image Noura Blanc
  • Be Willing to Pay More

          It's true. Sometimes, but not always, shopping sustainably, ethically
          and organically, can be more expensive. While this can seem                              discouraging, it's also the price of doing business with companies who                value their employees, have ethically sourced their supplies, and have                more overhead due to the implementation of sustainability practices.
          Additionally, more and more businesses are focusing on the craftmanship
          behind their products and higher quality items are always going to result
          in higher prices. 


Refillable water bottle image Noura Blanc Eco Conscious Consumer
  • Don't Do Disposable

         Here is one of the easiest ways to start practicing the art of smart,                       responsible consumerism. Trade your zip lock bags
         for reusable bags, trade your disposable razors for a safety razor, use 
         glass plates, cups and bowls. Say no to single use products whenever
         you can. Invest in a quality water bottle and stop buying disposable water           bottles. This one took a minute for my kids to get used to, but they have 
         grown to love it. Plus, it's like I'm living in Oz when I walk into their
         bedrooms and there aren't 10,000 empty bottles all over the place. 


Responsible Consumerism Eco Conscious consumer Noura Blanc

Any way you look at it, becoming a conscious consumer is going to require you to do a little research. Start following some accounts on your favorite social media platform to learn a little more. Read a few blogs. Spend some time on Pinterest looking for information. You will be surprised at how quickly you can pick up new tips and how fast you'll absorb all the information out there. We follow several other like minded companies on our social accounts and I am always so impressed with the amount of knowledge that is shared every day. We are always sharing tips and tricks on our socials as well so if you haven't taken the time to follow us be sure you check us out. 

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