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What Even Is Hygge?

Hygge. It’s not just a candle we carry or a completely strange word, that regardless of how many times I try to teach you how to pronounce it, you still read it and think “There’s that weird ass word again that she likes to use”

Hygge, is a Danish concept, and a feeling of coziness and contentment that comes from enjoying the simple things in life. If you’ve followed along for a while, you know that all things cozy and comfy are completely my vibe. I’m obsessed with the idea of minimalism and simplicity and am constantly implementing the practices into my life. It’s 100% the reason I’m able to feel less anxious about the amount of sh*t that comes with a blended household of 5 kids and 2 pets. It also keeps me out of rehab. 

Hygge is naturally associated with the fall and winter months, but I’m here to show you that it  can also be experienced during spring and summer. As the weather warms up and the world around us comes back to life, there are so many ways to embrace hygge in the spring. The idea of simple, slow, intentional living goes hand in hand with hygge and it’s not limited to just those naturally cozy months. It’s a feeling and a practice we can benefit from year round and since spring and summer can kick up mom life a notch or twelve, trying to keep up with all the things,  it’s almost more important to maintain that low key, hygge vibe up in the warmer months, reminding us that when the sun’s out, there are still plenty o’ days we want to crawl into bed and hibernate. 

Below are a few of the best ways I’ve found to keep the peace around the house when activities start to pick back up and everything comes back to life. 

Bring nature inside: One way to experience hygge in the spring is to bring nature inside. This can be as simple as picking a bouquet of flowers from your local farmer's market, or my fave place, Trader Joe’s (if you are fortunate to have one near you) and placing them in a vase on your table. You can also add some greenery to your home with potted plants or a small herb garden on your windowsill. I suck ass at keeping plants alive, so I’m a bigger fan of florals because they just die on their own so I don’t feel nearly as responsible. I also just randomly like to keep my fresh store bought herbs in a mason jar on my counter in the kitchen because it makes me feel fancy.

  1. Embrace natural light: As the days get longer and the sun shines brighter, it's important to embrace natural light. Open your windows and let the fresh air in, and let the sunshine in as much as possible. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea on your balcony or patio, and soak up the warmth of the sun.

  2. Get cozy outside: While hygge is often associated with indoor coziness, it can also be experienced outside. Take a picnic blanket and a book to your local park, and spend a few hours enjoying the sunshine and the beauty of nature. Or, set up a hammock in your backyard and spend a lazy afternoon reading or napping.We love taking the girls to the farmer’s market and letting them run around with our dog, playing soccer or laying on a blanket next to us reading. Check out some of your local areas that have some family friendly green spaces for  you to chill at. Literally does SO much for your mood and getting out all the energy.

  3. Focus on the senses: Hygge is all about enjoying the simple things in life, and this includes focusing on the senses. Take the time to enjoy the aroma of fresh flowers or a spring rain shower, or savor the taste of seasonal produce like asparagus or strawberries. Check out a local eatery or brewery for some live music and swap out all your heavy linens with lighter crisp cotton. It’s a good time to swap out your seasonal candles, soaps and linen sprays also. Fresh, citrus and florals are all great choices for some vibey feels in your space.

  4. Spend time with friends or family: Finally, spending time with loved ones is an important part of experiencing hygge in the spring. Take a walk with a friend or family member, have a backyard barbecue or picnic, or simply enjoy a cozy evening at home with your partner or children. The key is to focus on the people you care about and enjoy their company in a comfortable and relaxed setting. 

Find your hygge. The things that let you slow down and focus on life. You know that one you’re living with those people you love? Lift your head up and let go of the hustle. You don’t need to go all crazy and create an Amazon forest in your living room, but find some ways to help you appreciate the new season and reconnect with the things and the people that light you up! You’re worth it!

*image courtesy of Stacy Canzonieri 

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