Candles, Wine and Soul Saving Therapy

Candles, Wine and Soul Saving Therapy

10 years ago I was transitioning from a married, stay-at-home mom, raising my three kids, going to PTA meetings and planning Pinterest birthday parties, to a divorced, shared custody, working full time making a whopping $13 an hour, every other week, custody arrangement. I was neglecting myself, avoiding my feelings, overextending my time commitments and filling my days and nights with anything that would keep me from sitting alone with my thoughts. I went from owning a beautiful home, with a love of decorating, and entertaining, to a small rental home with limited possibilities and resources to make it feel like home. It was a complete 180 and it left me reeling. 

The story is wicked and winding and one I’ve often shyed away from sharing.  Sometimes it's just easier to ignore the parts of our past that are hard and painful. It’s only recently that I’ve come to realize that my story is like so many of you and the way that I can serve you best is to share that story.

At the core of this transitional turmoil in my life, was the earliest stages of my journey to choose me and owning that I was in control of my feelings, actions and path in life. I was in charge of my happiness and success.

And it came slowly and with a lot of little baby steps. But little steps lead to big dreams. Little steps make a difference. Little steps led me straight into Bath & Body Works with a BOGO coupon one of those lonely weekends. I was going to make myself happy, by damn, and these candles were going to do it! And they did. 

I went home. Lit those suckers and started cooking a meal for myself, with my jazz music playing and a glass of wine in my hand. And that my friends, changed everything. Candles and a sh*t ton of therapy. 

Life started to feel tolerable again. It started to feel like I might be able to find some joy again. I started to feel a little more like myself. And I freaking loved it. That little step into B&BW led to me to prioritize my own happiness and needs. It led me back to me. 

9 years later, I launched Noura Blanc knowing I could create a more sustainable candle line. I could create a safer, eco-friendly, clean burning candle. I could create an impact. 

So, have you figured it out yet? 

It was never about the candles. Not 10 years ago, and not now. 

It's about the feeling I get when I take time for myself. When I slow down, light the candle, sip the wine, dance in the kitchen with jazz in the background and cook myself a meal that nourishes me. 

And it's about you and helping you reconnect with yourself and your joy. It's about sharing my story so you might find your voice and share yours. 

Candles might not be your jam, but stop today and think about what it is that brings you that pure, simple joy. And then do that. Do whatever that is A LOT. And don't ever stop doing it. 


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