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Show Notes: Empowering Kids and the Importance of Parent - Child Communication with Ashlee Kinsella

Empowering Kids and the Importance of Parent - Child Communication with Ashlee Kinsella

In this episode of Hustle Culture Dropout, host Chasity Campbell interviews entrepreneur and child empowerment advocate, Ashlee Kinsella. Ashlee is a business owner of the wildly successful art print brand, Tiny Human Print Co.  Chasity and Ashlee discuss their parenting journeys, Ashlee's approach to children's empowerment, and the inspirational messaging behind her brand. Ashlee also shares the story of how her son's anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic affected her and shaped Tiny Human Print Co. into a brand focused on children's mental well-being and empowerment. Chasity and Ashlee talk candidly about the struggles women have during motherhood and how open communication can help humanize them in the eyes of their children. Ashlee discusses her upcoming self love challenge and how positive affirmations and empowering kids can lead to healthy habits into the adult years. 

Ashlee's Inspiration:

Ashlee started her business to create flexibility for her family after feeling disconnected from her son due to working full-time. Her son's anxiety during the pandemic further fueled her mission to empower kids, drawing from her own experiences as a shy child. Ashlee believes confidence must be intentionally taught and applied, which became a cornerstone of her brand's messaging.

Ashlee's Art:

Ashlee's art prints feature empowering quotes and messages, designed to positively impact mental wellbeing. She expanded her product line to include items like lunchbox notes and pencils, maintaining a balance between functionality and meaningful messaging.

Open Communication Between Parents and Children:

I discuss with Ashlee the pressure on mothers to hide their feelings and always maintain a facade of strength. Ashlee emphasizes the importance of honesty and vulnerability with children, humanizing parents and setting realistic expectations.Sharing feelings with children validates their emotions and teaches them that it's okay not to have all the answers.

Encouraging Independence:

I discuss with Ashlee the importance of teaching children to entertain themselves and the benefits of boredom in stimulating creativity and problem-solving skills. Ashlee shares strategies for encouraging independent play, such as suggesting specific activities or toys and turning off the TV to avoid overstimulation.

Parenting and Music:

We discuss the importance of music in engaging children and stimulating creativity. We share experiences of using music to engage our children and encourage creativity and expression. Music serves as a tool to redirect children's attention away from screens and towards more active, creative activities.

Teaching Life Skills Through Play:

We talk about the importance of teaching children to entertain themselves and use their imagination. Encouraging children to find ways to entertain themselves fosters independence and self-reliance, essential life skills for adulthood.

Communication and Asking for Help:

We discuss the importance of open communication in relationships, especially when it comes to asking for help. Recognizing one's needs and expressing them clearly is crucial for building a supportive network. Ashlee introduces a self-love challenge for children, involving daily affirmations and activities. They highlight the benefits of affirmations and mirror exercises for promoting self-love and positive self-talk.

Conclusion- Let's Reframe:

We're gonna say like four cool things to ourselves and the mirror and like high five ourself and we're gonna get on about our day and how, what the impact that that could potentially make like on a kid and on human and on an adult.

Find Ashlee on Instagram @tinyhumanprintco and her website at www.tinyhumanprintco.com Learn all about her Self Love Challenge.  

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