Show Notes: Redefining Fitness & Nutrition through Accountability with Ashley Carlotta

Show Notes: Redefining Fitness & Nutrition through Accountability with Ashley Carlotta

Redefining Fitness & Nutrition through Accountability with Ashley Carlotta

Episode 19 of Hustle Culture Dropout brings certified health and fitness coach, Ashley Carlotta with Better Health By Accountability. Ashley is with us talking us through what physical self care looks like in a healthy, balanced way, that is NOT A DIET! Breaking up with hustle culture and diet culture together in this episode. We discuss Ashley's personal journey with body image and her approach to physical self-care and nutrition. Ashley emphasizes the importance of consistency and accountability in achieving health goals. She also advocates for a balanced and mindful approach to food, promoting healthy habits and self-care. Ashley also mentions her upcoming accountability coaching program and offers a trial for those interested in experiencing her coaching methods.

Meeting Ashley:

I start the episode by introducing Ashley Carlotta, and her background as an accountability health coach and group fitness trainer. 

Ashley's Personal Journey:

Ashley shares her journey, starting from childhood where she struggled with body image and weight issues. Reflections on early experiences with dieting, emotional eating, and body insecurities. Milestones in her life, including weddings and pregnancies, impacting her relationship with her body and health goals.

Transition to Health Coaching:

Ashley had a realization that she needed a different approach to health and fitness after her third child. She adopted a macro-based approach and had a personal experimentation with nutrition and exercise. After that her initial steps towards accountability was through sharing her journey on social media.

Establishing a Business:

We chat about the evolution of Ashley's private social media journey into a more public platform for health coaching. To then her decision to pursue formal health coaching certification for legitimacy.

Ashley's Personalized Approach to Health:

She emphasizes on individualized plans tailored to busy lifestyles and personal preferences. She talks about the importance of support and daily accountability in maintaining health goals. She advocates against an all-or-nothing mentality and promoting sustainable habits for long-term success.

 All-or-Nothing Mentality:

Ashley and I discuss the pitfalls of an all-or-nothing mindset in health and fitness. We both reflect on our personal struggles with perfectionism and the tendency to give up entirely after minor setbacks.

Mindful Eating and Moderation:

Ashley and I talk about the concept of mindful eating and moderation, challenging the notion of labeling foods as "good" or "bad." We discuss strategies for incorporating favorite foods into a balanced diet without guilt or deprivation. You can still have pizza and ice cream ladies!

Benefits of Accountability:

Ashley concludes by sharing her insight into the role of accountability in maintaining healthy habits, offering personalized coaching and support. She discusses her approach to coaching, emphasizing consistency, balance, and self-compassion.

*Get 3 days of accountability coaching with Ashley by visiting her website and be sure to connect with her on Instagram and Tik Tok. 

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