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Show Notes: Why "Women Supporting Women" isn't Just a Trend with Christine Brinkman

Show Notes: Why "Women Supporting Women" isn't Just a Trend with Christine Brinkman

Why "Women Supporting Women" isn't Just a Trend with Christine Brinkman

Introduction to Christine Brinkman:

I start the episode by introducing the amazing Christine Brinkman, founder of Babes Support Babes (BSB), a community in San Antonio. We talk about Christine's entrepreneurial journey and her focus on connection and community building.


Christine reflects on her childhood experiences and how they shaped her love for connecting with people. She talks about how transitioning from being a teacher to a stay-at-home mom was challenging, leading Christine to seek companionship through a handmade business. Hosting pop-up events revealed a widespread desire for community among women entrepreneurs, laying the groundwork for BSB.

Evolution of Babes Support Babes (BSB):

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, BSB adapted by transitioning to virtual platforms, fostering a strong community beyond San Antonio. This amazing program offers a co-working space that serves as a hub for events and facilitates women's empowerment and collaboration on a daily basis.

 Craving Connection and Friendship:

Initially, women were drawn to Babes Support Babes (BSB) for both friendship and business support. Christine wanted to include everyone but realized the need to focus on women entrepreneurs specifically. Entrepreneurship and motherhood can be lonely journeys, where women carry the weight of their responsibilities alone. BSB provides a supportive environment where women can share highs and lows without judgment. 


The Importance of Community and Relationships:

We talk about the significance of being part of a community and fostering relationships. There's so much value in diverse friendships, including those with people of different ages and backgrounds.

Overcoming Social Anxiety and Stepping Out of Comfort Zones:

We talk about how it can be nerve-racking to join a group like this. Christine offers advice on how to navigate social anxiety, including bringing a friend for support and reaching out to event coordinators beforehand. She stresses the importance of persistence and consistency in building relationships and attending events despite initial discomfort.

Authenticity and Relationship Building in Networking:

We talk about the importance of authenticity and transparency in networking and relationship building as an entrepreneur. Christine encourages focusing on building trust and genuine relationships rather than solely promoting products or services.

Future Plans for the Community:

Christine discusses the growth and expansion of the community, including the need for a larger physical space. She wants to foster leadership among members and continuing to support women in pursuing their passions.

As a leader, Christine's goal is to empower women to embrace their passions and pursue their dreams fearlessly. She believes that with the right support, encouragement, and resources, anything is possible.

Connect with Christine on Instagram, check out the co-space and visit her website to learn more about this incredible community of women!


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