Thanks for being here! Below is a collection of common questions. Please use it as a resource to help guide you with any questions you might have. If you have a specific question that is not answered below, please feel free to contact us at hello@nourablanc.com


1. What size candle should I purchase? 
   Here are some general guidelines about our candle sizes and where they    
   perform best.  

     A. Candle Flights - these sizes perform the best in smaller rooms like
          powder rooms / small bathrooms or laundry rooms.

     B. 8 oz - This size works well in a master bath, office or small          

     C. 15oz - This size performs well in living rooms, kitchens and larger

2. Why does it seem like the fragrance fades after burning my candle a while?


Nose blindness is a real thing! It happens to makers often! After sitting with a candle for a while you might not feel it is as strong as it was when you first lit it. The best way to gauge this is to ask someone new when they enter the room if they can smell the candle. 

Drafts and air movement can also disperse the smell of the candle and give the affect of a lighter fragrance throw. 

If you burn a candle that is too small for the area, it’s likely the hot throw will not fill the room. The room is simply too large for that size candle. Additionally, if you have vaulted ceilings, this can also affect your fragrance and how concentrated it is in one area. 

3. The first time I burn my candle do I need to let it burn to the edge? 

Our candles are made from natural coconut waxes and because of this, the answer is no. Unlike soy, beeswax or paraffin wax, coconut wax doesn’t have a “memory” so it’s not necessary to burn your candle to the edge the first time. Each time you burn your candle it will spread until it reaches the the edge. 

4. Why is there wax remaining on the edges of the container when I burn my candle? 

Because coconut wax burns slower the wax will not always burn off on the edges after the first or second, or even the third burn. Eventually the flame will “catch up” and any wax hang up will melt. 


5. Why are there bubbles, inconsistencies or color variations on my concrete vessel?

Our concrete vessels are 100% artisan handcrafted. That means, an actual person, creates every single vessel that we inventory. They are not mass produced by machines in large batches. This is something that was important to me when choosing this collection. I wanted something unique and I wanted to support other local small business owners and artists. Because of this, every vessel is unique and inconsistencies are normal and frankly, pretty amazing. It’s part of the story. 

7. Why do you only ship Monday - Wednesday from May - September? 

Because we ship from South Texas. If you’ve never visited South Texas, it’s basically summer 8 months out of the year and the other 4 months we are  getting ready for summer. Its’ hot.

So rather than ship your candles out on a Thursday knowing they are likely to sit on un-airconditioned trucks or in un-airconditioned warehouses through the weekend, and completely liquify, we choose to ship only Monday - Wednesday during our hottest months. Even then we take extra precautions using Cool Shield to protect our candles because we simply want to protect your purchase.