FREEBIE: Obsession Worthy Self Care Products

1. This towel warmer is the ultimate bougie buy! I got my son one for his apartment and he loves it! You can use it for towels or blankets. BLISS!

2. This Reset Guide by Wild House Paper Co. is an incredible guided workbook to help build a deeper connection to yourself. I love min and I adore this company and everything their incredible sustainability practices.

3. 24K Gold Eye Mask - One of my very favorite simple pleasures of life are these eye masks. I travel with them and I gifted them to my girlfriends as part of my favorite things gift theme this year for the holidays. They loved them as much as I did!

4. Noura Blanc Candles - It goes without saying that candles absolutely enhance your self care practices and can help you unwind at the end of the day or create a space where memories are made together with friends and family. My current fave is Toracco from our Spring line. Obsessed!

5. CRZ Yoga athletic shorts - There's a reason these Lululemon dupes have a cult following. Seriously some of my favorite athleisurewear at the BEST prices!

6. Ice Roller - This ice roller def helps reduce my eye puffiness but it's also incredible for a cold therapy option for tension headaches and migraines!

7. Purifying Shower Head - Another incredible gift option for my adult kiddos. I got this for our daughter this year and she loves it and says it helps SO much with her hair and skin health.

8. Water bottle - I'm obsessed with water bottles. Seriously, it's a problem. This gorgeous glass water bottle from Amazon is to die for. Added bonus is the company is carbon neutral!

9. Primally Pure Double Cleansing Kit - 100% completely obsessed with all PP products but the double cleansing kit was my first purchase and the OG in my converted skincare routine to all natural products. The cleansing oil is a game changer.