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These days, it’s so easy to hide behind our screens. Literally, I’m the worst. I will 100% make or accept plans to get together with my people and then two days later, 100% start the process of trying to figure out how to get out of it. I’m an extroverted introvert. So, while I crave time connecting with people, I am quickly drained by plans and interactions so I have to make time for myself to recharge before and after interactions. But, during my time with my ride or dies I am ALL IN and my soul is completely filled afterwards. It’s like helium straight to my soul!! There is nothing like hugging a friend, or actually witnessing live and in person when they laugh so hard they pee their pants. 

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self care | wellness | LIFESTYLE

I'm your real life bestie. Your ride or die. Your couch friend. Your zero judgement, ultimate hype girl. and I'm always cheering for you!

I'm a podcast host, speaker, multi passionate entreprenuer,carb craving, ennegram 2 


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