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I’ve always been good at noticing when I start to go a little off the rails, mentally. I’m pretty in tune with my emotional needs, and it doesn’t take long for me to figure out when I need to pull my crap together and get down and dirty with self care. I’ll lock in on the crazy and get myself back on track with some quiet reading, catching up with a friend or completely binge watching some show that my husband claims he doesn’t like, but ends up becoming fully invested in. After neglecting myself until I was well into my 30’s, I am quite good at identifying when I need to step into my most fulfilled self. It almost always involves cheese and wine. I’ve got it down!

The Missing Piece of My Self Care Routine

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self care | wellness | LIFESTYLE

I'm your real life bestie. Your ride or die. Your couch friend. Your zero judgement, ultimate hype girl. and I'm always cheering for you!

I'm a podcast host, speaker, multi passionate entreprenuer,carb craving, ennegram 2 


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