Artisan Refillable Candles

Prioritizing self care, sustainability and slow living through our line of non-toxic, artisan crafted candles. Our entire line is derived from the safest materials like luxuirous coconut wax and phthalate free fragrance oils. Each candle is handcrafted and designed to elevate your space with minimalistic elegance. Every candle from our Essentials Collection is made to be refillable. Saving you time and money while saving the planet. Our products are ethically sourced and responsibly delivered, ensuring you feel good, while we do good. We are proud to be a brand that is
beautiful in design and purposeful in philosophy.

Noura Blanc Refillable Non-toxic candles and subscriptions


Stop wasting your weekends peeling labels off candle jars so you can recylce or reuse them. You don't need another pencil jar. You need a candle refill. Join our refill subscription program and save your
Saturdays for bubbles and brunch.



Because our candles are completely handmade our inventory can be limited. With that in mind, we encourage you to sign up for restock notifications. It's easy to sign up and you can select to be notified via email or text as soon as our products restock. Need something now?
Drop us a line so we can work with you!



Founder and creator, Chasity Campbell, is a creative, Enneagram 2, with a love of coffee, books, baseball and all things cozy and comfy.

A midwestern girl transplanted to South Texas, biding her time until she can move to her dreamland of Colorado. She and her husband, Jon, keep busy with their family of five ranging in ages from 6 - 22.

Generally optimistic she has a strong belief that everything works out for the best. Even so, she'll still, 100%, overanalyze everything.

Her friends describe her as resourceful and a great communicator, often using humor to disarm people. She describes herself as a multi-passionate entrepreneur teetering between reality and a world where she
could survive van life.