The weekends are for bubbles and brunch, so save a Saturday, and grab a refill. 
Refills are the same wax formula as your original Noura Blanc candle. They simply come to you ready to drop into your jar and burn! Seriously, it's that easy!

Refills are available in all current fragrance offerings. Choose your favorite or try something new!



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Ashlee Kinsella

I get so many compliments from guests on the smell and I absolutely love the design of the vessel and ease of the refill program. I highly recommend!

"OBSESSED with the smell, ease & cleanliness of these candles!"

Candle FAQs

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Thanks for being here! Below is a collection of common questions. Please use it as a resource to help guide you with any questions you might have. If you have a specific question that is not answered below, please feel free to contact us at

what size candle should I purchase?

ON THE FIRST BURN dOES IT NEED TO burn to the edge?

Why is there wax remaining on the edges of the container when I burn my candle?

Why do you only ship Monday - Wednesday from May - September?

Can I still get refills for older vessel designs? 

Do I have to join the refill subscription program to buy a refill?

I’ve never heard of coconut wax, why do you use it instead of soy or paraffin wax? 

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