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Show Notes: Goals AND Intentions: Better Together

 Goals AND Intentions: Better Together

Join me this week as we dig into goals vs. intentions: how they work, why they differ, and how to use both to help keep you on track and stop the frustration that often comes with the New Year. Ditch the pressure cooker, find your "why," and set clear intentions for the life you truly want to create. Then, use SMART goals as stepping stones to make it happen. Real stories, actionable tips and your real life bestie cheering you on. No guilt, just the tools you need to stay on track with your New Year’s goals.

New Year, New Goals:

We are excited to start the new year and go all in but then after a month, we aren't as into it. "We don't even remember like what even was my word of the year. Did I even pick one this year? And so in [this episode] we're going to dive into what all that looks like, but specifically what goals versus intentions look like, because this is one of the things once I actually sort of nailed down and was able to differentiate what between these two things.

Let's Find A Slow Soul Aligned Path:

Resolutions don't always stick. This is not a new thing and we always feel disappointed when we don't follow through with them. "What if we find a more slow a gentler more soul aligned path that doesn't always involve white knuckling your way through every day and that's where intentions come in."


Goals have their place. Sometimes they work and are great. "But sometimes that relentless pursuit of goals completely turns into this, it's like you're in a pressure cooker." Let's try to create achievable goals. For example I always wanted to be a morning person but getting up at 4 am every day is not realistic so I go into the ways I gave myself realistic goals to get closer to having more time in the morning. 


"Intentions are about the why behind your actions. So why do I want to allow myself more time in the morning? Because I want to allow myself to start my day slower, more focused, more intentional, more grounded." Intentions are flexible and you can adapt them with where you are at in life.

Intentions and Goals:

"It's about the whole entire process and what we're learning about ourselves in, in during that process. And so goals are not evil. They, they are great motivators. And you can just think of it like this. Your intentions are the lighthouse. And your goals are like the stepping stones leading you towards the lighthouse."

How To Start:

You have to get really clear on your intentions. 

And to do that, you've got to find out what truly matters to you. "So you're going to need to ask yourself that exact question. What truly matters to me? What do I want my life to feel like? And then you're going to work and brainstorm some goals that can help you get there."

Break Down Your Goal:

"I will focus like the first Q1, I'm focusing on the allowing myself more time in the morning. So maybe in Q1, you are going to prioritize self care. And then what happens is that once you make those first few or those first couple adjustments, and you get those first few wins under your belt, you can then build on that like in Q2."


"Intentions are for direction and goals are for action. Both are for self love and fulfillment. Keep that in mind as you're going forward in 2024. This again is not to like crap on goals. This is just letting you know if you struggle with, making goals and then not meeting them..." "This is just a different approach. The intentions might be a way for you to kind of marry the two and and, find some enjoyment out of that."



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