Hey, girl. Wake up one day and wonder who the actual f*ck you even are?

Same, girl. Same.

I'm your host, Chasity Campbell, the uncredentialed Master of Been There, Done That, and I've got the therapy bills to prove it.

Sick of the hustle, constant self comparison, and mom guilt I was spoon fed my entire life, I gave hustle culture (and my limiting beliefs) the big middle finger, and walked straight into learning how to love and prioritize myself and how let go of the bullsh*t society peppers us with on the reg. Along the way I rediscovered the voice I had lost and discovered a passion for showing other women how to do the same.

Now I'm sharing my journey, and the stories of other women, who have taken back control of their lives, walked away from hustle culture and finally started living with purpose and authenticity. Join me each week for raw and real convos about what it really means to be a woman today and how you can rediscover who the f you really are.

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    Episode 10: Reduce the Chances of Losing Your Sh*t During the Holidays

    I'm breaking down the ways to maintain the sanity during the holidays. It's the most wonderful time of the year after all. The kids are home allll the time, family is all up in  your space and the pressure of Pinterest perfect decorations and endless scheduled activities are locked and loaded. Moms, this is the time of year when the mayhem that comes with the magic can break you down. Listen up and get some practical tips on how to keep your sh*t in check this year. 

  • Episode 9: Progress over Perfection with Morgan Jackson

    Morgan Jackson is the founder of the Light 56 program. Morgan is super passionate about empowering women to make time for themselves and feel lighter in their life. And she is dedicated to helping them get out of the overwhelm and the darkness to embrace life with lightness and joy, and to help you figure out what you enjoy and how to make time for it.

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    Episode 8: If You're Going to Have a Hangover this Holiday Season it Shouldn't Be from Hustle Culture

    The holidays always feel like they run up behind us and we can never catch a break. Not only are you dealing with the exhaustion of daily life but now you have to add the stress of the holidays on top. What we're going to talk about today is what if there was a way to actually break free from the cycle of burnout and reclaim our well being, our self care, our freaking sanity. And so we're going to explore the symptoms of burnout.