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Show Notes: We're All a Bunch of Time Wasters and it's Making Us Miserable

We're All a Bunch of Time Wasters and it's Making Us Miserable

Feeling like there just aren't enough hours in the day for YOU? You're not alone, friend! In this episode of Hustle Culture Dropout, I'm going into a tough love deep dive into the biggest time wasters holding us back from self-care, from digital distractions and productivity traps to negative energy and lifestyle choices.

We'll explore practical strategies to reclaim your time, like:

  • Taming tech: Setting boundaries with social media, mastering multitasking, and ditching unproductive habits. 
  • Busting productivity myths: Conquering procrastination, slaying the multitask monster, and embracing minimalism for calmer, slower without the decision fatigue.
  • Shifting your mindset: Acknowledging the impact of not prioritizing our mental well-being, reframing self-care as essential, and prioritizing small, achievable steps. 
  • Creating space for your well-being: Discovering free and accessible self-care activities, multitasking with mindfulness, and scheduling "me-time" like an important appointment. ️

By identifying your personal time thieves and implementing these simple tips, you can finally carve out space for self-care, rediscover your joy, and create a life that truly nourishes your soul. 

 Connecting With All Of You:

I start the episode by talking about the survey I sent out to my email list about what you guys wanted to see in the new year and one of the main responses was wanting to connect other people. The other big one was not having time for you. "So this episode is probably going to be a lot about just why we waste time, how we waste time, and what we can sort of do about it."

How We Waste Time:

The truth is we're wasting time. You are wasting time. I am wasting time every single. And so. You have to make the hard decision of, like, do I want to sit in my bed for an hour and a half every night and watch TikTok videos? Or do I want to use that time reading?

Sacrifices With Time Management:

"Do I want to spend two hours on a Saturday watching YouTube videos? Or do I want to, like, actually get out with some friends..." "Yet you have to do a little give and take, like you have to make a little sacrifice there. Sometimes it's hard to pull yourself away from things that are wasting your time because those things actually also might bring you enjoyment."

The 4 Categories of Time Wasters:

1. Digital Distractions: "scrolling endlessly through Instagram, Facebook TikTok, it can eat up so much of your time" Try setting parameters for your most used social media apps. Set limits on checking emails. Turn off certain notifications. 

2. Productivity Management: "Putting off tasks or starting but constantly stopping leads to an inefficient use of time." "Instead of my long running to do list, I'm taking a couple things from the, to do list and I'm just scheduling them into each day. It's allowing me to look at one day and being like, okay, I can do these two tasks and I can mark them off."

3. Multitasking: "We're trying to do too many things at once, and that just ends up resulting in a lower quality of work and wasted time switching back and forth between tasks." "You gotta get organized, but you really need to think about what works for you and things don't have to be in like neat little compartments because if your brain doesn't work that way, that, that whole method is not going to work for you."

4. Negative Energy and Lifestyle Choices: "How we feel physically and mentally actually has a huge impact on how we do or do not spend our time. So if our goal is to create more time in the week or in the day or in the month for our self care or our joy filled activities, literally everything needs to be considered, including the negative energy." "They are things that you have control over, but sometimes these are things that Sort of harder to manage" For example commute time to and from work or sitting doing sedentary work all day long. 


"There is a way and buying back your time or finding the time to invest in yourself is literally going to be the biggest, most impactful thing that you can do for your health, investing in your own mental health, finding the time to take care of yourself and by identifying your own biggest time wasters and implementing strategies to overcome them, you are going to be able to reclaim valuable hours for yourself, for your family, for like having experiences, traveling and doing the things that you want to do."

Make sure that next week you tune back in and you follow along. We're going to talk a little bit about this and we're going to continue the conversation over on social media. If you're not on my email list, I'm starting a new a new email newsletter. 




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