Show Notes: More Than A Mom with Ashley Carbonatto

Show Notes: More Than A Mom with Ashley Carbonatto

More Than A Mom with Ashley Carbonatto


In this episode, host Chasity Campbell interviews Ashley Carbonatto, a mom of three who went through a journey of rediscovering her identity in motherhood. Ashley shares her experience of feeling lost and unfulfilled as a stay-at-home mom and the process of finding herself again. She emphasizes the importance of owning your story and the power of personal transformation. Ashley also discusses her upcoming second book and the challenges of imposter syndrome. The conversation highlights the need for women to create a safe space for each other and embrace their authentic selves.  

Introduction to Ashley:

Ashley Carbonatto is a domestically underachieving mom-of-three who juggles all the things. Like you, she wears many hats - but some of her favorite are wife, mom, author, & business mentor. She’s a gatherer of people, a welcomer to the outsider, a storyteller to the tired, and an entertainer to the downcast. After leaving a successful career, she re-discovered her voice and renewed purpose in motherhood, but in her own unconventional way. You need homemade frosting? She’s not the one you call. But you need a good glass of wine and honest reflection? Ashley’s your woman. She is a PNW transplant living her best lizard life in Gilbert, AZ with her husband & minions.

Her Journey into Motherhood:

Before children she loved work. She loved her job as a recruiter and she thought that is what she would do forever. Then they had their first baby and it made more sense for her to be a stay at home mom. She committed her world to be the best mom ever. Then they had 2 more kids and a couple years later and she "woke up one day and just had no idea who [she] was anymore."

Motherhood Was Not What She Thought:

"I would think I was really shocked that it was so unfulfilling. And so that, when I came to terms with that and, and really, I mean, I started throwing massive spaghetti at the wall, but I came to terms with, I'm not happy. I am, I am not happy and I need to, fix whatever is happening inside of me."-AC

Taking Back the Reigns: 

"It took me kind of taking back the reins and, and making the mindset switch that I was still me. That someday these kids were going to fly the nest and I was going to need to figure out what my purpose was because it wasn't my kids, I knew that." -AC

More Than A Mom:

Rediscovering herself and realizing that she wasn't alone in her feelings about being a mom, she wanted to share her journey with other women. This is what inspired her to write her book More Than A Mom.

Book 2:

"I am writing more about, the impact and power of your story. And I just think that there is so As now I am an entrepreneur as you are. And so many of us have found each other in this space. And I am obsessed with the entrepreneur space. I fully believe that it is that middle ground for modern day moms." - AC

Imposter Syndrome:

Talking about creating a new book comes with imposter syndrome from Ashley which is something I deal with, with my business. We discuss what imposter syndrome looks like for us and how we try to combat those thoughts.


Ashley is paving the way to create a safe space for other women to find themselves because she needed someone to give her that safe space when she was going through her own journey. Helping women realize they have a voice outside of motherhood and to use that voice to create their own business out of their passions. 

Ashley's Info:

Find Ashley on Instagram @ashley_carbonatto 

More than a Mom: Finding Purpose in the Everyday Monotony without Losing Yourself or Your Sanity

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