Show Notes: Slay Your Schedule and Unlock Your Time Freedom

Show Notes: Slay Your Schedule and Unlock Your Time Freedom

Slay Your Schedule and Unlock Your Time Freedom

Ready to level up? This episode is your ultimate guide to breaking free from the chaos and reclaiming your time for some serious self-care and experiencing this life you’ve created. I get it – the juggle is real for busy women like you, but burnout? Ain't nobody got time for that!

I’m spilling the tea on Instacart, curbside pickup, and meal delivery – your secret weapons against grocery store stress. Save time, reduce mental load, and flex that schedule to reclaim the day.

Tech takeover, anyone? We're talking ChatGPT, Bard, Siri, and Alexa – your AI squad for personal assistants. From meal plans to to-do lists, these bots are here to streamline your life. Maximize efficiency, personalize your routines, and reclaim time like the queen you are.

Get a handle on your digital distractions, friends. Looking at how much time you are actually spending on your phone, setting up do not disturb hours and other ways to limit digital distractions. This isn't just about reclaiming time; it's about shaping a lifestyle that fosters joy and balance by overcoming the pull of constant digital interruptions.. Connect with me on Insta (@chasitycampbellco), and let's own this journey together. It's not about hustling harder – it's about slowing down and living smarter. Subscribe for more tips, and let's slay that time-freedom game! 

No Time:

A lot of women I know, know they have time dedicate time to self care but feel as though they have no time to do that. In this episode, I talk about tips and resources to "help you reclaim your time, prioritize your self-care, and then therefore become more fulfilled."

Ditch The Grocery Store:

My first tip is to ditch going grocery shopping. You can free up hours by not taking that trip to the grocery store and using an online service like Instacart, Amazon Fresh, Walmart Plus etc. You can also use curbside pick up. "So this is like key to carving out that time and basically like no brainer ways to get time back into your day, into your week, into your month."

Meal Delivery Services:

My next tip is joining a meal delivery service like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron. "I like to use these services is when I know it's going to be a particularly crazy week, and we are 100% going to save money with these services as opposed to eating out." It's not only saving time but also the mental strain it takes to find a recipe and decide what you want to eat.

Let Technology Help You:

Technology is here to help you and one of those helpful tools is AI. "You can use these to manage to-do lists. You can literally use them to like read documents for you. If you get a document email to it's like five pages long and you don't have time to to read it, you can plug it into Bard and ask Bard to summarize it for you and it will."

Another one is Amazon Alexa one of my very favorite hacks to do that saves me so much time. "One of the very favorite things that I have that I learned a couple years ago was creating my grocery list through Amazon Alexa."

Manage Digital Distractions:

Checking socials, games, and checking emails are just a few ways we allow our phones to suck up our time. Try setting boundaries. I only check my personal emails in the morning. Turning off your notifications. Set screen time parameters. Allow specific time slots to check social media.


"So just take a minute and think about where you're losing the most amount of your time, and then take one or two of these strategies for each. Area and then just play around, see what happens. See if you can like get some of that time back. You are going to be shocked at how easy it is and it doesn't have to be every day, it doesn't have to be every week. Think about what's gonna be the most beneficial to you. And experiment and find out what works for you. And don't be afraid to reach out and connect with me if you have questions."



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