Why Authentic Connections for Women Matter

Why Authentic Connections for Women Matter

Ladies we know that we are juggling an ever-increasing number of plates. We're doing alllllll of the things. Careers, families, personal commitments – the list can feel endless. But, in the trenches of the daily hustle, we have a deep desire that often emerges: the need for genuine connection with other women. Girls night, anyone? 

This craving for authentic female connection isn't new. Women have sought solace and strength in the shared experiences and perspectives of their friends and within their community....for.ever. Why do you think so many of us connect on social media. We find connection there and we recognize ourselves in others and it helps us feel seen and understood. 

However, in today's fast-paced world, nurturing these connections can feel like another burden on an already overloaded schedule. I sometimes struggle just to text my friends, "happy birthday" or to reply to a question in a group text. Life can literally get in the way of this seemingly simple task. The guilt of leaving work early for a coffee dator booking a weekend trip with friends can be overwhelming, especially when responsibilities at home and work feel demanding.

But here's the truth: prioritizing these connections isn't a luxury. We've fallen into this idea that if things are fun in life, they must be frivolous nonsense that we should put off until we "have the time". But the "time" never comes, because we don't make it a priority. 

Building a strong network of female friends fosters a sense of belonging, understanding, and support. These relationships provide a safe space to share vulnerabilities, celebrate victories, and offer a shoulder to cry on during tough times. They remind us that we're not alone in navigating the complexities of life. And, friends, life can be isolating. It's hard. We don't need to navigate this alone.

The pandemic threw another curveball at our social connections. Forced isolation and social distancing measures made it even harder to nurture friendships and build new ones. Virtual interactions, were helpful in staying connected, but it couldn't replicate the energy and intimacy of in-person gatherings. The lack of shared laughter, heartfelt conversations, and spontaneous moments over coffee dates or weekend adventures left a big void, right deep down in our little hearts. 

That being said, the pandemic also highlighted the absolute crucial role of community in our well-being. Research from The Blue Zones, regions of the world known for exceptional longevity, consistently points to strong social networks as a key factor contributing to a longer life expectancy. It's SO fascinating. I'm obsessed! Studies suggest that belonging to a supportive community reduces stress, boosts the immune system, and promotes feelings of happiness and purpose, all of which contribute to a healthier and longer life. So, ummmm, why are we putting this off again?

Investing in our connections with other women is not just about feeling good, it's about creating a support system that can positively impact our overall health and well-being. So next time you feel the guilt creeping in, remember – prioritizing these connections is an investment in your own well-being, not just an indulgence. Creating a strong female support system, not only enriches your own life, but also taking a step towards a longer and healthier future! Super cool!

I know what you're thinking....so Ms. Fancy Pants I Have All the Time in the World to Hang Out with Friends, how do we overcome the guilt and carve out space for these super important connections?

The key is  in reframing our perspective. Think of prioritizing female friendships as an investment in your well-being, not a "want" or an indulgence. A rejuvenated and supported YOU translates to a more present and patient mother, a more engaged partner, and a more productive employee. 

And if we want others to start seeing it in the same light, we need to go all in and start believing it ourselves. 

Start small: schedule regular phone calls with friends, jump on a Zoom if you can't meet up in person, join a local women's group, or plan a monthly lunch date. , Even small doses of shared time can have a significant impact.

And when it comes to travel, explore options like "momcations" or a quick weekend getaways with friends – these experiences offer a chance to reconnect, recharge, and create lasting memories, ultimately making you a better version of yourself for those who actually rely on you, and let's face it, who doesn't rely on you?

We are all wired for connection and to live in community, and fostering authentic relationships with other women is not just beneficial, it's essential! Like HUGE PRIORITY! By moving these connections to the top of your "to do" list, and letting go of the guilt, we can build a supportive group of friends that enriches our lives and empowers us to thrive, not just survive! 

Let's connect in alll the places! 

Join me on this adventure!

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