Top Notes: Bergamot, Petitgrain, Lemon
Middle Notes: Black Tea, Rosemary, Chamomile
Bottom Notes: Dried Tea, Sage leaf, Lavender

Primary Fragrance Family: Aromatic Citrus
Secondary Fragrance Family: Herbal
Note description: Bright, zesty, energetic, clean, dry, fresh, natural, heady


Bright, zesty, energetic, clean, dry, fresh, natural, heady London Fog is your backstage pass to instant chill. This ain't your basic b stuffy candle – it's elevated, soothing, and straight from the other side of the pond ticket to pure contentment.

Fresh bergamot, like a cuppa with a friend spilling the tea, while drinking the tea. Lemon drops of happiness and rosemary? It's your sassy bestie you can't live without. 

Black tea whispers calming mantras, chamomile soothes like a warm hug, and sage reminds you to be present (because #adulting, remember?). Finally, lavender tucks you in with a wee gentle hug.

London Fog


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Ellen Krupczak

Another wonderful scent from Noura Blanc. It’s not overbearing and definitely would appeal to the masses. I love it!

"Another wonderful scent from Noura Blanc."

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